Studio Manuela, the art craft workshop of the Helsinki Methodist Church, came about thanks to three women activists, Virpi, Moncia and Rita who decided to fulfil their dreams. Pastor Leif-Göte Björklund was also keen and in 2008 the workshop was opened on the ground floor of the church.

Activities were well received and only a year later did ceramic artist, Rita Ramel, activities co-ordinator, host two groups per week in order to satisfy demand from enthusiastic participants. More spiritual needs can now be met by the efforts of our present Pastor, Kaikka Växby.

Rita Ramel has previously earned her living by selling her own ceramic products as well as having worked within the areas of handicrafts and gifts. She has considerable expertise in most aspects of artisanship. In her present position as parish worker, she can concentrate exclusively on developing the activities of Studio Manuela. She has promised to surprise us all with novel initiatives!

You can watch more pictures in the gallery!

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