Come along!

We are a group of people who have fun together. We are all interested in trying out new things and discover what we can achieve.

We learn how each one of us can produce something using clay, glass, metal, paper, wool and textiles. No prior knowledge is required!

We base our activities on cost price although we use appropriate tools and also offer tutoring for adults. You are welcome whether you speak Finnish or Swedish!

Three different groups meet twice a week. Lots of exciting projects have already been planned including our own exhibition for the Women’s Christmas Fair in the Old Harbour! We have also arranged art exhibitions using the facilities of our beautiful church, together with several fairs to support the finances of both the congregation and those of Manuela!

Come along and be charged with positive energy! You can just start by drinking a cup of coffee in our pleasant company!

The name Manuela is actually a play on words. It’s derived from the biblical name “Immanuel”, God be with us and the Latin word “manu”, hands.